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Hungarian language quiz


Hungarian Language Quiz

Test your knowledge about Hungarian Language  and get a stamp in your V4 passport!

Find the answers by visiting the Hungarian Exhibition! Do not miss the Hungarian food house either (csárda)!

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Which is a specialty of the Hungarian language?

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Which word sounds the closest in Hungarian to the sound of the English 'cane'?

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What does the Hungarian slang 'kolbászol' (to sausage around) mean?

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Which one of these English words does NOT come from Hungarian?

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Which English word has Hungarian origins?

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What is the Hungarian idiom for saying that somebody is naked?

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How do Hungarians say to 'have a screw loose' (i.e. to behave in a silly way)?

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How do Hungarians say 'kill two birds with one stone' (meaning to get two things done with one action)?

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