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Czech Republic

The Czech Republic in Numbers

  • Inhabitants / 10,53 Mil.
  • 32 % / The number of Czech people who claim that they believe in God. The rest are considered to be non-believers.
  • 473 m /1 552 ft / The depth of the deepest flooded freshwater pit cave called “Hranická propast” which is also the deepest flooded cave in the world.
  • The bottom of the abyss hasn’t been reached yet. The expected depth is 800 – 1200 m / 2625 – 3937 ft.
  • 5,24 mil. / The number of hectolitres of beer exported per year. The Czech Republic is the number one consumer of beer in the world.
  • 1348 / The year when the Charles University was founded. It is the 15th oldest university in the world.
  • 72°C / 161.6°F / The temperature of the hottest thermal spring “Vřídlo” in the Czech Republic, in the city of Karlovy Vary. For comparison, the temperature of the world’s hottest thermal spring “Source du par” in France is 82°C / 179,6°F.

History of Czech Scouting

1911 / Antonín Benjamin Svojsík,a Prague teacher of physical education, returns from England, inspired by Baden-Powell’s ideas and Scout camps, so he puts together the first Scout troop.

1918 / Czech Scouts are active fighters for the independence of the Czech and Slovak nations during World War I and help to form the newborn state after the establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1918.

1940 / During World War II, and especially after the beginning of the Nazi occupation of the Czech lands in 1939, many Czech Scouts became members of resistance movements. Scouting is therefore officially banned from 1940 until the end of the war. 700 Scouts are killed during that period.

1945 / Scouting is reestablished right after the end of World War II and the membership base immediately reaches up to 250 000.

1950 / The communist regime takes power in 1948. Once again, many Scouts become victims of fake trials for defending democratic principles and spend tens of years in uranium mine camps and jails. In 1950, Scouting in Czechoslovakia is officially banned for the second time in history.

1970 / After a short period of legality, democratic reforms are suppressed by the invasion of the Warsaw Pact troops in 1968 and all open Scout activities are again suppressed by the regime in 1970. Some Scout troops continue their activities under the cover of different organizations.

1989 / The Velvet Revolution sees an end of the Communist regime in 1989 and opens a way for Czech Scout movement to establish itself again and become an official member of the world Scout organizations, such as WOSM and WAGGGS

2020 / The COVID 19 pandemic hits the world resulting in a crisis of unprecedented scale. Czech scout volunteers organize the “Scout help” project to provide help to the elderly. They deliver groceries to citizens at greater risk and help with the distribution of goods from local pharmacies. Many face masks and other PPE items were also made by Scouts. Alternative online programs are organized for the members.

2021 / Part of Moravia in the Czech Republic is hit with a tornado and Scouts organize material help for the victims as well as volunteers to work on the disaster relief efforts.

2022 / Russian invasion of Ukraine unleashed a humanitarian crisis. Many refugees flee to the Czech Republic. Scouts provide assistance in the refugee centers, material help for people in Ukraine and assist the refugees with accommodation. Many Scout troops accept Ukrainian children into their ranks.